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Dorothy Moore: A Biography
By Shanita Bishop (SHS)


From her hit single "Misty Blue" to her latest single "Lie To Me," Dorothy Moore has warmed the hearts of millions with her songs. A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Dorothy was born on October 13, 1947, to JB and Mary Mance. Dorothy was raised by her great grandmother. Moore recalls, " I was a quiet, obedient child. I got my fair share of spankings which I do not regret".

Dorothy’s singing talent was detected at an early age. At age three, Dorothy’s mother discovered she had a vibrato in her voice, and from then on her mother bought her musical instruments and took her to gospel programs. Dorothy began singing with The New Stranger Home Baptist Church Choir at age five, and eventually she became a soloist. She later sang at the Alamo Theater talent shows, where she constantly won first place. Dorothy attended Smith Robinson Elementary School, Mary C. Jones Elementary, and Lanier High School (all Jackson public schools), and later graduated from Jackson State University. While at Lanier High School, Dorothy won numerous talent shows. She met her former husband Russell while a student at Lanier. When asked what kind of student she was in school, Moore replied, "I was an average student".


After graduation from Lanier High School in 1965, Moore was discovered by a recording company producer in Jackson.  In 1966, Moore signed with Epic Records. While attending Jackson State, Moore and two other students formed a female group called  the Poppies. The Poppies worked with The Four Tops, Bobby Goldsboro, and Wilson Pickett. They recorded the hit singles "Lullaby of Love" and "He’s Ready" for Columbia Records in 196. After performing with the Poppies, Moore established a solo career with Malaco Records in 1976. While at Malaco Records, Dorothy recorded the Grammy-nominated single, "Misty Blue." Two years after "Misty Blue," Dorothy recorded a second Grammy-nominated single, "I Believe You." In 1978, Dorothy took a brief  break  from the limelight to be with her family, but she returned to performing publicly in 1982.


In 1989 Dorothy Moore traveled to Japan for a seven-day tour.  She took with her three other Mississippi musicians:  Charlie "Love" Jacobs (who was also from Jackson and who worked with The Tangents) on sax and harmonica,  Jimmy Jarratt of Madison on keyboard, and Dan Harrison of Yazoo City on bass.  Two Texans, Milton Harris (lead guitarist) and Johnny Munguis (drummer) also went with them.


Most of Dorothy’s recordings have been written by country and western writers. Moore herself prefers ballads--country and western.  Her hit single "Misty Blue" was written by a country and western writer, Bob Montgomery. Moore  has  appeared on the shows "Prime Time Country," "Nashville Now," and "Ralph Emery" as well as others.   In between the country and western and rhythm and blues recording sessions, Dorothy has also recorded numerous gospel tracks.


Dorothy has earned  awards and recognition, including four Grammy nominations, an  Image Award, NATRA Female R&B Vocalist of the Year, Billboard Magazine Award, Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, and many other awards worldwide. Her well-known single "Misty Blue" is  used on the movie Phenomenon soundtrack. Throughout her career, Dorothy has appeared with such stars as Lou Rawls, Al Green, B.B. King, The Temptations, and others. She has also appeared on such shows as "American Bandstand," "Rock Concert," "Soul Train," and "The Midnight Special" ( She  has recorded with several different recording labels,  including Volt, Rejoice, GSF, and Chimneyville. Although she has signed with various recording labels,  Moore now records solely for Malaco Records, "the place where it all began".


Despite the tours and the traveling to countries such as Japan and England, Dorothy still finds the time to be with her children. She has a son and a daughter who have both graduated from college. She also finds the time to fish, her favorite hobby.   Moore has a successful international musical career, but she still resides in her native city of Jackson, Mississippi, where she attends The Jackson Revival Center regularly.


Major Works


  •  Misty Blue (1976)

  • Dorothy Moore (1977)

  • Once More With Feeling (1978)

  • Definitely Dorothy (1979)

  • Straight To You (1986)

  • Time Out For Me (1988)

  • Winner (1989)

  • Feel The Love (1990)

  • Stay Close To Home (1992)

  • Misty Blue and Other Great Hits (1997)

  • More Moore (1997)


  • "Misty Blue"

  • "Funny How Time Slips Away"

  • "Let The Music Play"

  • "I Believe You"

  • "With Pen In Hand"

  • "For Old Time’s Sake"

  • "Love Me"

  • "Special Occasion"

  • "Girl Overboard"

  • "All Night Blue"

  • "He Thinks I Still Care"

  • "Too Blind To See"


Southern Soul Blues Radio would seriously recommend her last two CDs that were released in 2012 Titled "I'm doing Alright" and "Awaiting Blues Heart".


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