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About Us

Would you believe that there are many people who think that the music we use to hear back in the 60's and 70's is a thing of the past ? Well, it is alive and kicking. Southern Soul Music is an extension of the music that was played during the above era. It has always been around mainly in the deep south. For some reason southern artist have been able to maintain this genre with some of the most talented young and up coming artist. There's no doubt in my mind that the internet and inexpensive new technology such as digital recording had something to do with it. What we hope to do here at Southern Soul Blues Radio is to play the same type of music that has reinvented itself through the talent of the new and veteran artist of today. This music is known as Southern Soul/Blues.

Our mission at Southern Soul Blues Radio is to primarily play music that does not get mainstream radio play and to introduce our listeners to new artist that sings Southern Soul Music. 

We will soon be in our fourteenth year broadcasting on the internet.  As a listener here, you already know that there are many artist that you have never heard of. It is these artist that are on the top of our playlist. In addition, we are going to give our listeners the opportunity to hear lessor known tracks/songs by veteran artist.

We play other genres such as Smooth Jazz, R&B, Disco, Funk and Gospel. So if you want to hear somehing different, then come take that journey with us to the world of Southern Soul Music and more.


Ed Smith




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